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Students, teachers, writers, doctors, journalists, scholars and business professionals use Notes Writer daily to store notes, annotations, memos, signed PDFs, papers, highlighted PDF text-books, lectures and more.

iOS17 ready!
Now Notes Writer has been updated for full iOS 17 support! Scan Live Text (OCR), Stage Manager, Customizable toolbars, PDF forms,new papers, templates & more! Designed for Pencil, Touch, Mouse & Keyboard!
Notes Writer: iPhone and iPad
Notes Writer: Organise your work

Organise your work

Create your own structure with unlimited notebooks, folders and subfolders or create projects in a tree-like structure: Sections, Drafts, Folders, Chapters, Research, etc.
Notes Writer: Organise your work

Search, Find and Replace

Full-text search your library of documents and projects. Find and replace quickly words in text notes or highlight the results in PDF documents with just 1 tap.
Notes Writer: Search, Find and Replace
Notes Writer: Search, Find and Replace
Notes Writer: Share & Sync

Share & Sync

  • Open document attachments directly from the Mail app
  • Sync via iCloud, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, WebDAV and Google Drive
  • Share text notes in multiple formats RTF, Markdown, LaTeX,PDF, ePub, HTML, RTFD, TXT, etc.
  • Use Wi-Fi File Transfer between iPad/iPhone and your computer
  • Zip folders/notebooks and email them
Notes Writer: Share & Sync

Merge documents

Select two or more PDF or Handwritten documents and combine them into a new PDF. You can also rearrange the pages in the new merged document.

Scan documents

Use the camera of your iPad/iPhone to scan documents, notes, recipes, tickets, etc. as PDF.

Paper templates

Use any of the 100s of pre-defined templates with different paper styles and sizes. You can also easily add your own templates.

Custom notebook covers

Design the cover of your notebooks or use the beautiful ones included in the app.

Automatic Backups

Notes Writer makes automatic backups of your notes and you can protect your work with app and folder security passcode or FaceID.

Scrivener support

Sync your notebooks and projects with the popular Scrivener writing software for Mac and Windows.
Note Writer: iPad Pro
Notes Writer: Annotate PDFs

Annotate PDFs

  • Take notes or annotate using Apple Pencil 1 or 2 (and other styluses, even your finger) or type with soft & wireless keyboards.
  • Insert web-clips, clipart, figures and math equations in your PDF and handwritten notes.
  • PDF Annotations: highlight, strikeout, underline, comments, voice notes, pencil, ball-pen, stamp, sign, clip…
Notes Writer: Annotate PDFs

Advanced word-processor

  • Advanced RTF text formatting: Highlight, strikethrough, subscript/superscript, alignment, line spacing, first-line indent, page breaks, footnotes, comments, text & paper color.
  • Define margins, headers/footers, paper sizes, MLA and APA style format.
  • Markdown engine supports the standard syntax but it has been extended to include very useful extra markups
  • Live counters: characters, words, sentences, lines, Avg. Word length, Words per sentence & reading time
  • Insert special symbols arrows, maths, bullets/stars, GPS location, etc.Extra keys: tab, forward delete, cursor up/down/left/right, etc.
  • Extra keys: tab, forward delete, cursor up/ down/ left/ right, etc.
Notes Writer: Totally paperless
Notes Writer: Advanced word-processor
Notes Writer: Powerful PDF and handwritten page editor

Powerful PDF and handwritten page editor

  • Add new pages, copy&paste from other documents, re-arrange, rotate or delete them easily.
  • Copy and paste pages to a different location in the document, or even between documents.
  • Add new pages from 100s of pre-defined templates with different paper styles and sizes.
  • Drag and drop pages from other apps.
Notes Writer: Powerful PDF and handwritten page editor

International languages

Over 30 languages support including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic & Hebrew. Notes Writer supports right-to-left functionality and features for languages that work in a right-to-left environment for entering, editing, and displaying text.

Fill forms and sign documents

Notes Writer supports PDF AcroForms, so you can view, fill out, and submit forms with ease. Sign with your own signature documents, contracts, forms.

Customize the Interface

  • Night mode to help you writing at night.
  • 10 UI Themes with different colours (White, Dark, Blue, Pink, Black, Green…).
  • Presenter and Reader modes.

Stay organized at work, school and life.

Productivity & business professionals, students, teachers, writers, doctors, journalists, academics and more use Notes Writer Pro daily to store & create notes, annotations, memos, signed PDFs, papers, highlighted PDF text-books, recorded lectures and more.